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About us

On October 1st, 2018, প্রজন্ম পাবলিকেশন/Projonmo Publication set out on its voyage. This publication has always put out some extraordinary and wonderful books. Many of these books are also fairly well-known. “Keshto Kobi,” “Keshto Kobir koshtogulo,” and “Keshto Kobir Conference” are the first books in Bengali with tautograms.

“Give me the liberty to grow, to utter, and to dispute freely according to conscience, above all liberties,” one of the greatest English poets ever penned. The Muslim Literature Society issued a newspaper called “Shikha” with the tagline “Where knowledge is limited, intelligence is locked, there liberty is impossible.”

Actually, it is via open thought that a person enjoys freedom. The motto of Projonmo Publications is “The freedom of open thinking” for this reason.

Projonmo Publication’s goal is to improve Bengali literature by putting out well-written, insightful publications.

By consistently releasing such outstanding Publication, Projonmo Publishing hopes to contribute to the merit and prosperity of the country.

Only works that will benefit society and the country are published by Projonmo Publications. Despite having only paperback books when it first began, there are currently four different types of book bindings available: paperback, hardcover, E-book, and audio books. Projonmo Publication’s production and marketing team directly produces and markets paperback and hardback publications. Additionally, Boitoi, Seiboi, Rokomari, Boighor, and Boiferi are being used for the E-books. It is collaborating with Boitoi on the audiobook as well.